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Looking for housekeeper live out in Milan

Looking for housekeeper live out in Milan

Understanding individual and family needs is fundamental when searching for a full-service housekeeper in Milan: each family has specific needs and personal preferences that must be taken into consideration to ensure an effective and satisfying collaboration.

Before starting the search, it is important to clearly establish what tasks are required, working hours, necessary skills and expectations in terms of professionalism and reliability; Furthermore, it is essential to also evaluate the individual needs of family members, such as any allergies, particular eating habits or special assistance needs. Only by fully understanding these needs in Milan will it be possible to find the most suitable half-service housekeeper to satisfy the needs of the family.

Where to look for a half-service housekeeper in Milan

To find a full-service housekeeper in Milan you can confidently contact our Family Staff agency, our qualified staff can satisfy any need of our customers. We have over 10 years of experience in this industry.

Family Staff professionals meet the family, listen to and analyze their needs, always finding an ideal solution to guarantee peace of mind and safety for their elderly, children, sick or disabled people, as well as selecting competent staff to take care of domestic services .

They identify the best candidates on the market and, after having subjected them to a serious and rigorous selection process, present them to the end customer.

We also assist the family in drafting the contract so as to avoid future misunderstandings.

We monitor the arrival of the collaborator, checking that everything is going well by answering any doubts or questions.

The role and responsibilities of a mid-service housekeeper

The role and responsibilities of a housekeeper are essential to ensuring an organized and comfortable home environment. The main duties include managing household chores, taking care of the rooms, preparing meals and supervising children, if present. It is essential that the housekeeper has specific skills and great attention to detail despite not working full time. It must also be discreet, reliable and flexible to adapt to the needs of the family; the choice of a housekeeper of this type therefore requires an accurate evaluation of skills and personal characteristics to guarantee a quality service.

Management of legal and economic documents: contract, salary and taxes

When hiring a housekeeper in Milan, it is essential to correctly manage all documents related to the employment contract, salary and taxes, make sure to draw up a clear and complete contract, which respects labor laws and current tax regulations . It is also important to monitor the payment of wages in a punctual and regular manner, avoiding unpleasant disputes, to be aware of the taxes to be paid and to fulfill all tax obligations to avoid future problems with the competent authorities.
Our agency takes care of all administrative practices related to managing the relationship with domestic staff.
With our experts, you will have the certainty of always respecting the deadlines and conditions established by law, without being afraid of incurring fines or lawsuits, also providing our customers with personalized estimates of the cost of domestic staff.

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