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Looking for nanny in Milan

Looking for nanny in Milan

Requirements and qualifications for an ideal nanny in Milan include proven experience in caring for children, the ability to handle emergency situations in a calm and confident manner, knowledge of pediatric early care, and the ability to create a stimulating and nurturing environment. It is important that the nanny has verifiable references and is reliable, patient and loving. Furthermore, knowledge of the Italian language is essential to communicate effectively with both children and parents. Being in compliance with any first aid certifications and educational qualifications represents an added value to guarantee a professional and quality service.

How to find the perfect nanny through agencies or websites

To find the perfect nanny in Milan, contact our Family Staff agency which, with over 10 years of experience in the sector, offers qualified, trusted staff with experience and verified references. Before choosing, it is important to specify your needs and preferences in terms of schedules, duties and characteristics of the person sought.
Our agency offers a personalized selection service, helping you find the candidate best suited to your needs.

Legal advice: employment contract and remuneration for nannies in Milan

For nannies in Milan it is essential to have a clear and detailed employment contract that specifies the duties, hours and agreed remuneration. It is also advisable to include clauses on confidentiality and termination of the employment relationship and to comply with current regulations regarding domestic work, i.e. ensure that you pay the taxes and contributions due. Furthermore, both the nanny and the employer must be aware of their rights and obligations. It is advisable to consult a legal expert to draw up a contract correctly and guarantee a peaceful and regular collaboration.
Our agency takes care of all administrative practices related to managing the relationship with domestic staff.
With our experts, you will have the certainty of always respecting the deadlines and conditions established by law, without being afraid of incurring fines or lawsuits, also providing our customers with personalized estimates of the cost of domestic staff.

What to consider when hiring a foreign nanny in Milan

When hiring a foreign nanny in Milan, it is important to consider several aspects to ensure an effective collaboration. First of all, check that the nanny has a regular residence permit and has any certifications or references in the field of childcare. Furthermore, it is essential to clearly agree on hours, tasks and remuneration, respecting domestic work regulations. It is also advisable to precisely define the communication methods and management of any unexpected events. Finally, it is always good to promote good cultural and linguistic integration, facilitating the nanny's adjustment to the new working and social reality.

Practical tips for interacting with your new nanny

Practical tips for interacting with your new nanny include communicating clearly and openly about expectations, schedules, and house rules. Make sure you establish a clear routine for household tasks and activities with the children, offer an initial adjustment period to allow the nanny and children to bond. Respect their role and listen to their ideas and suggestions, provide constructive feedback and demonstrate appreciation for their work. Always maintain an open dialogue to address any issues or concerns that may arise during the collaboration.

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